December 11, 2017


 Snow lovers living at or near the coast in the Northeast Section of the United Sates know that the track a Nor’Easter takes weighs heavy in the forecast when it comes to precipitation type and totals.

It’s been proven that most major northeast  snowstorms will pass over or near the coordinates 40N 70W aka The Benchmark, as they move to the north or northeast. Too far to the west of the Benchmark almost guarantees rain or a mix precipitation scenario at best. Too far to the east almost a miss.

40 North 70 West was established in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. We are an online community aimed at providing amateur meteorologists, storm chasers and severe weather enthusiasts with a more suitable environment to discuss, share and collaborate on forecasting and dabble in just about all aspects of the weather. This website is designed to overcome the limitations  and obstacles of traditional social networks. Mainstream social media networks are not ideal mediums for fostering an environment dedicated to the weather minded.

We are currently in the process of rebuilding 40N 70W and as such the community section of this website has been disabled. We’re working on transferring member profile information, discussions, blog posts and all associated data from the our previous community to the soon to be open new community.
Stay Tuned!